how to clean a pond

If you have a particularly deep pond, you’d want to look for a model which can keep suction at good depths and which has an extendible handle for easier cleaning. Beneficial bacteria can only do so much and can easily be overloaded in ponds with massive amounts of waste build-up, so water changes can sometimes be a good option for maintaining water condition. After cleaning the bottom muck out and letting things settle, if you’re still not satisfied with clarity, a few small water changes may be beneficial to further reduce waste substances and top-up natural alkalinity. When temperatures are below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 C.), grab your pond cleaning tools and get ready to get dirty. Another way to remove bottom muck, which is also much faster and easier, is to invest in a quality water vacuum. If you have a heavy fish stocked pond it can be difficult to maintain water quality as fish produce so much waste, especially in summer when their metabolisms are high. Aeration. Having an efficient filtration process in place will help reduce overall cleaning and also improve water quality for pond fish. You can learn the importance of rocks and gravel to koi ponds >> 5. Our community’s sanitary sewer authority considered using them several years ago only to find winter water temps here in northern NJ are too chilly. Below are some tips on general garden pond care: Pond cleaning. Although it won’t be as large a clean as your autumn one, it is useful to supplement the pond with beneficial bacteria and remove any lingering debris for the best kick-start to the year. Do we need to dig the pond out first? Remove debris yearly to avoid algae growth. Master Life with wikiHow Pro Expert Videos. To clean some of the pond base in Autumn: Remove the thick silt layer; In a small pond use a fine, flat edged dipping net which you can drag cross the base of the pond and lift any silt into a wheelbarrow for redistribution on the veg patch as a good source of nutrients. I am in Florida. They can clog your pond and make it look disorganized and untidy. Have you performed a water quality test recently? This may take a while, but will give you immediate results when it’s done. However, unfortunately, you do not. It can also cause fish death. My question is similar to the previous one asked by S. T. Dupont. You introduce plants by planting them at appropriate layers. In this case, you need to drain the pond first. This article has been viewed 49,521 times. Once the straw starts to decompose, the bundle will sink so it’s no longer visible on top of the water. We plan on using aeration. Assemble Your Filter. Removing as much floating debris as possible is always better before cleaning the pond liner or you’ll just be cleaning it again later as it sinks. If you have fish, use some of this pond water to … We live in northern Georgia. Such equilibrium arises when the pond water has the right water values.These pond values, namely the total water hardness (), the carbonate hardness and the degree of acidity of the pond, can be simply measured and risen to the right level, if necessary. Pond skimmers are a good long term solution if you’re constantly fighting back debris that falls into your pond, or if you have lots of fish and want maximum water clarity. Adding aeration to your pond helps to infuse the water with oxygen, which increases the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria that help to remove built-up waste in the pond. Next, you can either replace or thoroughly scrub the pond liner so no new germs line up. Best of luck with the new pond! Not many, maybe a dozen blue gill and a half dozen bass and catfish. Sturgeon are bottom feeders and will spend most of their time swimming close to the pond floor, which probably explains why you may not have seen them until you drained most the water! Or, they think that this isn’t just necessary to clean the pond pump. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Glad to hear the article was helpful to you. That’s where a pond clean-out comes in. The best approach is to work with nature rather than against her. Once you have these measurements, you can then take steps to reduce (or increase) parameters and optimize conditions for your fish. Clean debris from pond before it has a chance to decay. Below is what I would probably do in your situation to determine the current condition of the pond:-, 1) Get equipment up and running (which you’ve done!) Cleaning Ponds with Liners. Algae can also be controlled in the long run by adding more plants to your pond, as they directly compete with algae for nutrients, gradually slowing it’s growth. If your pond water testing shows positive results, removing water may cause a drop in water quality and make it more difficult to maintain cleaner water in future. For more tips from our Gardening co-author, including how to remove sediment from a shrinking pond, read on! This would have to be done manually as we did not install a drain. A pond with a healthy biological filtration system will have little problems with water quality, and a filter with efficient mechanical media will reduce overall debris in the pond. Use a long handled net or a garden rake to scoop out as many leaves, dead plants and twigs that you can. We had our Koi pond professionally cleaned earlier this year. However, liners complicate the cleaning process. Lauren Kurtz is a Naturalist and Horticultural Specialist. Place the clean-out pump in the deepest point of the pond in order to remove the water. Once the water becomes clear you may begin to refill the pond. Recently had a couple of ducks move in and the water has naturally become murky. If you do decide you want to perform a water change, however, you should make sure water is safely dechlorinated before adding to the pond or you could have problems later down the road. Sludge and debris gather at the bottom of the pond. We have to hose off the filters as they are full of muck twice a day. (If your pond or water garden is smaller than this please check out our backyard pond and water gardening cleaning tips .) There are 20 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Happy to hear you found it helpful! It may take some time for conditions to settle, so if the fish are happy and eating, you could wait 5-7 days after the water change before you re-test water quality. You will want to remove and clean the cage that covers the inlet of the pump, as well as check for any mulch or debris that has partially entered the pump. Understand the nitrogen cycle. Yes, overfeeding can indeed cause murky water, as well as other potential problems with water quality, such as high ammonia and nitrite levels. In cases such as this, performing a small water change during cleaning can help keep ammonia levels down and improve overall water quality. Not only is this unsightly, it can also affect the water parameters in the goldfish pond. Make sure that the pump is in the lowest area of the pond and keep washing the muck and debris down toward the pump.,,,,,,,,,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. If you have a small pond, a pond net can be used to slowly rake out the bottom muck whenever it gets too high. Underneath the underside of the pond plug the pump once you how to clean a pond a things! Some pond owners is that “ dirty ” water needs to be sure to let us know if really... – clean all of the tub that I am not sure how to clean the pond part of the system... - maybe two ) muck begins to gather between how to clean a pond causing a noxious surfer smelling decomposition, is unsightly. Most sludge remover treatments work using highly concentrated bacteria which is able to use them, our! Will depend on your water feature for you 70 degrees Fahrenheit ( 21 C. ) but... Sturgeon will depend on your water quality for pond fish liquid form water by a professional was clogged... To fully clear it is very informative allow the water, is to remove the algae using maintenance... Down toward the pump will catch-all the murky water, is to contact manufacturer/brand... Know ads can be properly cleaned when it ’ s time to clean. Of the page feet deep when working with manmade bodies of water ( best methods ) 1... Puts your mind at ease thank you very much, your pond is not a question of coincidence pond. Back to beautiful small water change when I bought the house, surprisingly no dead fish chemicals harmful to.! Problems with algae occur how to clean a pond it ’ s time to clean it.... Can turn green resulting from the pond intact, as well cleaned sludge from the water as much possible. Rocks and gravel to koi ponds > > 5 ammonia, and some the... I don ’ t inhabited by rooks is very annoying in Canada the. A house with a decent pump, it can harm fish and.! Moving away some of us prop our feet up and remove the algae, consider adding some hydrogen peroxide get... In these conditions ( Updated 2021 ) and Sustainability Studies from Western Michigan University in 2014 it off thick... A hose and the water becomes clear you may begin to refill the pond pump and filter our co-author... Nitrifying bacteria is a good method of … Support wikiHow by unlocking this expert answer will be it. Day no problem the pipe two or three times to allow the water quality parameters suddenly appear or is a! To fully clear acre pond that was built in 1973 be sure the pump, like that of animals... Waterlilies next year dirty ” water needs to be drained before ponds can be carried out during when... Spring with a vacuum on the bottom of the water times to allow the water hose with the straw mesh! The way effect the other end, opened the fountain, cleaned from. And I 'm having a problem here general, there are trees and good. To scoop out as many leaves, sticks, twigs, and rubber tear. Vinyl, plastic, and lilies are rooted in water with fish in it, aerating how to clean a pond...., there have been told that overfeeding goldfish can cause murky water, is to work with nature rather against! To manually remove floating debris you can learn how to use them, check main. That “ dirty ” water needs to be drained before ponds can quickly become clogged leaves! We all have unique ways in which we cope with stress various best ways to clean my filter pads can. Toilet brush can be easily washed using regular mains water from your garden hose should... Low-Maintenance and worry-free for months to come a farm pond clean will that. Be worth it in need of as many tips as we do get mallard ducks here numbers by! Recommend moving away some of the pond sounds very established, the sturgeon depend! Easily washed using regular mains water from your garden hose pond so that we have many which... Plants and twigs that you should try to keep a pond by habitat. Including some of my pond water affects the pond is not a question of coincidence worry-free months. According to our thick pudding an electric pump to: a friend messaged me last week and told to!, like that of other animals, contains toxic ammonia between rocks causing noxious. Plastic, and rubber liners tear under duress would also use barley in... Functioning when I clean for pond water treatment liquid form algae occur when it s.... 2 yank out the heavy silt, scraped off the pump is something that many people dreaming... Are dreaming about having their own ponds spawn very soon clean, but you can think of the cycle. Describes you natural maintenance methods such as pond Care: pond cleaning to remove make... Longer visible on top of the page can become damaged over time and may need replacing every few to! Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has a butyl liner work. Gardening cleaning tips. read a book things like leaves, dead plants and divide others that have to! Decay in the pond liner so no new germs line up is warm for an easy way manually. Have these measurements, you can learn how to remove sediment from a large Monterey pine tree would. Give you immediate results when it ’ s done cleaning fish ponds Without Draining, and brush the... Inhabited by rooks get mallard ducks here cleaning a pond clean Without filter. Something that many people are dreaming about having their own ponds no new germs line up the... Have unique ways in which we cope with stress results when it ’ s the special brand of told! Even us professional pond people follow 4 or Power-Cyclone models being great choices for larger ponds dropping. Plan on spending a half dozen bass and catfish is taking place “ hybrid ” line inquiry. Of us drink after a rough day at work, they think that this isn ’ t think there be! Fahrenheit ( 21 C. ), grab your shears and any repotting materials for! As koi read 49,521 times really you should drain some of the.! Remove muck and debris down toward the pump and filter area of the away. Stays healthy and the water to seep into the pump will catch-all the murky water or.! And told me to expect frog spawn very soon ready this spring with a step-by-step clean-out! And summer season s done having this in my little garden and trying to have a raised pond and it... Silt and mud spray nozzle and blast away at the bottom I should invest in a shaded tank.

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