Taddei svarte leserne på Uefa.com

For drøyt to uker siden kunne man sende inn spørsmål til Romas midtbanespiller, Rodrigo Taddei. I går svarte han leserne på Uefa.com. Nedenunder kan du lese et utvalg av spørsmålene som ble stilt og svarene som ble gitt.


Simon McKenzie som for tiden bor i Norge var en av de som fikk besvart sitt spørsmål. Han kaller seg «DonSimon» på forumet og er egentlig fra Australia, men jobber og bor i Oslo.


Rome is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and I think it is best seen on foot – but is it very difficult for you to walk around because of your fame as a Roma player?
Simon McKenzie, 38, Oslo


Taddei: It is easier to walk around the historic part of Rome than in other places in the city. Also, in the centre there are so many tourists and lots of people who don’t even know who you are, so there is no problem walking around.


After the rocky start to the season, what would you realistically set as your team goals now? How do you guys plan to combat CFR 1907 Cluj this time around?
Evan, 25, Washington DC


Taddei: Cluj surprised us in Rome and now we have to beat them away. It won’t be easy, but I guess our team is more confident now. Our goals now are to change the situation in the domestic league and to get as far as we can in the Champions League. As I mentioned before, playing in the final at home would be a real dream.


Was it work in training or a change in system that revived Roma against Chelsea?
Mostafa, 16, Egypt


Taddei: I think there was a change of mentality. Yes, we did work a lot and it paid off and, besides, there was a change of system. Instead of playing 4-4-1-1 we played 4-3-2-1 and the team was more balanced and compact inside the pitch.


Resten av spørsmålene og svarene finner du ved å trykke Her