Åpent brev fra Corriere dello Sport til DiBenedetto

Congratulations, now let us tell you something about the A.S. Roma.

Dear Mr. Thomas DiBene­detto, first of all, we want to wish you the best of luck for your new adventure as President of A.S. Roma. We both know that today’s chronicle, these hours, will be remembered as a milesto­ne in the history of Italian soccer. Mr. DiBenedetto, you, indeed, represent the first foreign entrepreneur to invest in our soccer league at the major level. Before talking about your future experience as the Pre­sident of the A. S. Roma, al­low us to thank the Sensi fa­mily who, along the last 12 years, has always been able to build a highly competitive team like last year when the giallorossi were running for the first place in the our lea­gue.

We must also dedicate a moment to revise the hi­story of the A. S. Roma. In fact, looking back to the pages of the most recent past years, including the victory of the 2001 “Scu­detto”, the conquering of the two Coppe Italia and the two Supercoppe in the last ten years, it’ll be ea­sier for you to understand the strong tie between the giallorosso supporter and his team of the heart’s te­am. This close connection has always had a special value in Rome, in this ci­ty, where in hard times it came out the common feeling of passion, of be­longing to the same fami­ly, of going back to our own roots. These values represented the synchro­ny between the President and the supporters. This is why, welcoming you and your partners, it’s ab­solutely necessary to spend a moment to de­scribe people like Dino Viola and Franco Sensi, who worked to give a soul to A. S. Roma: enthusiasm and feelings together with an entrepreneur’s mentality. The sensibility in understanding the peo­ple’s thinking, their desi­res and expectations.

Thinking like suppor­ters.

Too many times we he­ard that somebody had the call to the roots and there have been who was hiding behind that call as a shield– we’d have a lot to say about this… Sho­wing off a faith that he ne­ver had or so mellow that nobody could feel it till the day that it was useful to show the mask of a life­time supporter. This introduction al­lows us to give a stronger value to our wishes to you and your partners for a successful job.

It’s undeniable that the main reason of your arri­val in the A. S. Roma is with the purpose of ma­king an investment from which you can get your guaranteed profits. What you call in America “ma­king business”. No doubt about this. But we hope, believe, that also for you ­as happened for Viola, Sensi and their predeces­sors – the relationship with the people will be ba­sed on transparency and honesty.

Transparency: this is the first thing that the supporters ask of you. Just to avoid misunder­standings. Your closest advisers, starting with Mr. Baldissoni (who, befo­re having a professional and trustful relationship with you, was known in Rome like a fairly good ex futsal player), will show you the right way. Hope­fully, they’ll help you to understand the peculiari­ty of this extraordinary field.

Starting this way, you’ll put the basics of a win­ning project, keeping on the same level your ex­pectations from this inve­stments and the gialloros­si supporters’ desires.

Of course, the last ones have great hopes on your action.

The A.S. Roma is nowa­days at the top of the Ita­lian and international soccer scenery: a solid and steady growth. A unique start which will allow you, Mr. DiBe­nedetto, to reach your go­als directly. Our hope and desire is that your kno­wledge as an entrepre­neur and your professio­nal experience will help you in this fantastic ad­venture of leading the A. S. Roma. We hope that this will be reflected in the honest relationship with the supporters, which has always been the a special aspect of the giallorossi people. An ho­nest and effective dialo­gue: this is the first due step.

Indeed, the people of the A. S. Roma suppor­ters, during the years, ha­ve always been close to those who has respected and involved them. This has given to the suppor­ters the sensibility to un­derstand and forgive the Presidents when they ma­de mistakes, in good faith. This is the great wealth of the A. S. Roma: its peo­ple. That people that went through hard times with pride and dignity, under the deal of receiving re­spect and loyalty.

Mr. DiBenedetto, we are sure that these will be the characteristics of your behaviour as the President of the A. S. Ro­ma. We are sure also that, waiting for the warrante­es that you’ll give us du­ring your first days as a President, all your efforts will be repaid by the peo­ple’s love and support.

Alessandro Vocalelli

PS: Our best wishes are extended to all your advisors who will go through this adventure at your side: starting with those who know better the Italian and Roman soccer reality.

We don’t know yet if you have in your staff al­so Montali and Prade’ ( it would be interesting see how he copes with more available money) or if there’s a new chapter with Baldini’s return to Roma and Sabatini’s ar­rival. There’s a gossip about this last one that says that he’s tied to the Samp and his arrival would be an unattended surprise.

We’ll see if there’s gonna be a coup de théâ­tre.

In any case, what counts is the transpa­rency and the honesty also for your advisors.

These are skills that have a very high value in the supporters’ scale.

Allow us to say that no­body can make a deal on this.

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